Dave’s one-line movie reviews VII

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It’s been a busy week, trying to catch up on some of the Academy Award nominees that I’ve missed, plus some viewings of late night insomniac theater.   In no particular order than my fuzzy old memory can muster, here’s what I’ve been watching since my last post:

In the Name of the Father.”  An old Daniel Day Lewis movie I never saw.  If any of you readers haven’t seen it, my advice is to invest two hours of your time in something besides Big Bang repeats and watch D.D. and Pete Postlethwaite at their best.  For all you USA pats, obviously we’re not the only country where those in power can sometimes be motivated by other things besides truth.

Captain Phillips” is an engrossing, exciting nail biter of a movie well worth the viewing.  I don’t think it’s Tom Hanks at his best, the pirates definitely steal the show.  How come if every miscreant in every city in the USA has a gun, a ship in the middle of “pirate territory” can’t have some kind of defensive weapon besides hoses?  Interesting how they touched on the idea that these “pirates” had no other options to survive.  If the story was built from their point of view, it could have been completely different.

Seed of Chucky.”  Wow.  That’s all I can say.  To even include this, er… work, in a column with Tom Hanks and Daniel Day Lewis seems irreverent.  I think a one line synopsis can say more than a one line review so here it is:  A homicidal doll, brought back from the dead, masterbates into a turkey baster and his homicidal doll girlfriend injects it into unconscious Jennifer Tilly so she can give birth to a homicidal baby doll.  Or homicidal  watchamacallit.    Jennifer Tilly portrays herself.  I think.  I’m confused.  Does Toys R Us sell dolls that have sperm?

Bram Stokers Dracula” is really misnamed; it should be Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula.  One of the few Dracula movies I’ve ever seen where Dracula actually has some lines.  Tom Waits as nutcase Renfield is so enjoyable to watch.  And Anthony Hopkins as an eccentric Scottish Van Helsing is thoroughly entertaining.  Keanu Reeves plays the same role as he has in every other movie I’ve ever seen him in, the guy with no emotion or facial expression.  He wears a grey wig so you know he’s not supposed to be young.  Cheerio old chap!

Godfather II,” heralded by some as the best of the Godfather films, is a 3 hour movie that AMC can stretch to over 4-1/2 hours with their Progressive Insurance advertisements.  Even on its 25th viewing, I still love the flashback scenes to 1920’s New York City; Robert Deniro is simply captivating and the production is faultless.

It’s funny that I should have a chance to see “The Aviator” a week after Wolf of Wall Street.   This Martin  Scorsese movie also stars Leonardo DiCaprio.  These two are a great team, anything involving the pair is well worth the viewing.  Scorsese and DiCaprio – they’re the wave of the future.

Drive Angry.”  I’ve got to confess – I haven’t the slightest idea why I like Nicholas Cage movies.  He doesn’t look like an action star.  I guess he’s kind of ordinary looking, so all of us ordinary folks can sort of put ourselves into his place.  Drive Angry is an action filled chase movie that you figure out the ending of at least half an hour early, but like a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off of it.  Lots of tongue in cheek humor with a ton of explosions makes for a fun 90 minute diversion from filling out your tax forms.

“Blue Jasmine” Woody Allen’s remake of “A Streetcar Named Desire. ” Alec Baldwin has a minor role as Bernie Madoff. Woody Allen, Andrew Dice Clay and not one funny joke.  Hickory Dickory Dock….

Forrest Gump.”  Okay, I reviewed it a few months ago.  It was on again last week.  Momma says, You have to let go of the past before you can move forward.  Forrest Gump is on television more than the President.


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