Dave’s one-line movie reviews IV

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In no particular order, here are the cinematic spectacles, near spectacles, and web-videos I’ve been watching:

American Hustle,”  proof that a big Hollywood movie can be good without being based on a comic book or starring talking animals.  Based on the FBI Abscam  entrapment activity of the 1970’s.  Well done recreation of the time, great music, costumes and cars.  Definitely the best movie I’ve seen in the past few months.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”   It used to be that we Jews had the movie theaters to ourselves on Christmas, but the Christians are moving in.  For our annual December 25 trek to the cinema, the lobby was full of blond hair and blue eyes and “Wolf of Wall Street” was sold out.  Had to come up with a Plan B quick.  Although the reviews we read were less than flattering, the Ben Stiller remake was well worth the viewing.  A little humor, a little action and a well done, if not believable script, made for a fun movie.  As if anything else in the movies is really believable, right?

Philomena.”  Not a big budget film, but great story and great characters.  The plot: “M” decides to seek out her son, stolen at the age of 3 by nuns.   Featuring a Beamer without ejection seats or rocket launchers.  Paying to see this flick in the theater sends a message to Hollywood that it’s okay to make movies with plots, even if not based on a video game or kids toy.

Lovelace.”  Although the title would suggest otherwise, this is neither an adult movie or a porn film, although there may be a bit more nudity and sexual language than you’d like your 8 year olds to see and hear.  A bio-pic about Linda Lovelace, although I have no idea how accurate it is, it reminded me of the 1980’s movie “Star 80,” also about a woman who is exploited by her hustler boyfriend.  This is what you watch on Netflix when you’re tired of old TV shows.

Margin Call” with Kevin Spacey, follows the meltdown of the sub-prime mortgage “investment” market in 2008.   Pretty good movie, but probably a little too intellectual if you’re a fan of the Superhero genre.  Reminded me a lot of the book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, which will give you a much better understanding of how Wall Street screwed the entire country in the name of greed.

Clear History.” A two hour episode of “Curb your Enthusiasm.”  Larry David fans will delight, and his self-effacing, nitpicking comedy still retains its luster.  Micheal Keaton steals the show with his “Night Shift” energy and charm.  This sat on my DVR for a whole month until I got around to watching it; I should have viewed it sooner.

Olympus Has Fallen.”  Without giving too much of the plot away, terrorists take over the White House, kidnap the president and his staff, and Secret Service agent Gerard Butler has to save the day.  Oh, I just gave the plot away.  Okay action pic, shoot-em-up, but nothing that will be put in the time-capsule at the next world’s fair.  Good for Netflix or cable.  If you buy it on Blu-Ray, all I can say is I hope you had a coupon.

Dead Man Down,” another Netflix movie I never would have heard of that I liked.  Colin Farrell is a mob enforcer who gets dragged into a crazy lady’s revenge plot.  Good movie with a few surprises.  I guess I was tired of watching “Forest Gump” on AMC again.

ZombieHunter”  A Direct-to-YouTube movie.  When I found this last month, it was free, now it’s $3.99.  Tomorrow, who knows?   Some really laughable CG monsters at the end, but the zombies were just as well done as – well – as any other zombies.  I mean, all you need is an actor with some torn clothing, 99 cent Billy Bob teeth and some oozy fake gore to cover them up.  If you do a little YouTube browsing, you can find quite a few free movies there.  Good choice if $7.99 a month for Netflix is too much.  I just find it so fascinating that “Direct to YouTube” is now a movie distribution method.

Thanks for reading my One-line movie reviews, and feel free to share them.


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