Dave’s one-line movie reviews III

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It’s been a busy fall, with the conclusion of Breaking Bad and now The Walking Dead starting up again, but thanks to VOD, I’ve been able to catch up with my movie viewing.  In no particular order, here’s what’s been on my silver screen:

The Way Way Back” – Chick flick that Jodi made me watch.  I actually really enjoyed it.  Sort of like “Meatballs” only with heart instead of crude jokes.  Steve Carell is a great bad-guy and redeems himself from “Get Smart.”  From the folks who brought you “Little Miss Sunshine.”  Definitely worth seeing.

“World War Z” – No, Jodi didn’t make me watch this.  Think of “The Omega Man” or “I am Legend” with lots of CG.  Not a great film, but fun entertainment, if you like zombie movies.

“People Like Us” – Somehow caught my attention on Showtime and I ended up staying for the whole flick and really liked it.  Two chick flicks in one weekend, I’m getting soft in my old age.

“Gravity” – Beautiful looking movie with a very simple plot.  Sandra Bullock looks great.  George Clooney plays the part of that guy in the red uniform at the beginning of any Star Trek episode who never makes it past act 1.  Worth paying extra to see in 3D.

“Apocalypse Now” – Got my new HD TV and Amazon Prime and that was the first thing I found.  Still one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.  Charlie don’t surf!

“The Heat” – Melissa McCarthy can out-F-Bomb any platoon of marines out there.  Non-estrogenish remake of Beverly Hills Cop.   No way Sandra Bullock needed the money, I can’t figure out why she did the movie.

“Boat Trip” – Showtime, in its never-ending quest to avoid paying for movies that its subscribers want to watch, has unearthed this 2002 disaster about two men who find themselves on an all-gay cruise.  The only redeeming thing about this movie is the way Vivica Fox and Rosalie Sanchez look.  Poor Cuba Gooding, a gifted actor trapped in this horrible mess, and Horatio Sanz as his John-Belushi imitator sidekick, chasing the Swedish bikini clad “Tanning Team.”  Oh, there’s an original idea!


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