Writer’s Regurgitant 1

March 26, 2010 at 4:46 am | Posted in Writing Samples | Leave a comment

No doubt you’ve heard of writers block.  I find that I suffer from writer’s regurgitant.  Writer’s regurgitant is when you’re too lazy to write something new, so you throw up something that’s already been written

So, what should I write about tonight?  I have this short story called “Faten’s Gift,” that I’d love to share with the world.  Unfortunately, my ego has taken over control of that story and has decided it’s good enough to enter into a writing contest.  So I’m a little wary of “publishing” it on my website, because for some contests, that would prevent me from entering it.

I have a dozen magazine or newsletter articles I’ve had published, but my last two posts have been “regurgitants” of previous published works, so I think it’s time for something different.

Luckily, not only do I love to write, but I love to travel.  Nothing stimulates the writing gland in my head as much as a vacation.  So I thought I’d share a story this evening about a cruise I took last month to Mexico.  I’ll set the story up, and then provide a link for you to examine it.

  • My cruise, which I paid for with Frequent Flyer Miles, was from San Diego to Mexico.
  • My story is posted on “Cruise Critics,” which is a web site where people share information about cruise lines and cruise ships.  Many people write “reviews” of their cruises, talking about the ships, the places they visit, and a full collection of infinitesimal details that surround their vacations.
  • “Carnival Spirit” is a cruise ship.  “6260” is a “Vista Suite” on the Spirit.  A Vista suite is one of the rooms at the corner of the back of the ship.  It’s one of the largest cabins on the ship.
  • GF is Cruise Critic’s message board abbreviation for “Girl Friend.”
  • A “room steward” is the person who takes care of your room.  They are a combination maid/waiter/butler.
  • “Redlef” is my user name on the message board.

Read about my escapades here:  Cruise Critics Review


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